Media service EUrVOTE: New theme package

Media service EUrVOTE: New theme package

Only a handful of weeks continue to be right up until citizens of the European Union will be referred to as to the polls from May well 23 to 26 to elect the ninth European Parliament. A great deal additional is at stake than just the question which deputies will be assembly in Strasbourg and Brussels during the forthcoming legislative period. In watch of the several issues the EU is at the moment facing – which include for example the Euro disaster, Brexit, and climbing nationalist tendencies in a lot of member states – the election is not the very least a vote with immediate implications on the foreseeable future form and path of the bloc.

In this context the media support EUrVOTE ( is producing obtainable a new theme offer titled “Long run of the EU”. Editorial groups can incorporate the contents into their protection cost-free of demand.

Apart from an overview of the most pressing political challenges in the EU in the a long time forward, EUrVOTE incorporates a qualifications report on the ongoing discussion about the forthcoming Multiannual Monetary Framework, which is to incorporate more means for youth and science. It also examines different reform proposals for the bloc. The bundle also capabilities visuals and interactive graphics relating to, for example, public feeling in the EU.

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About Media provider EUrVOTE:
In the operate-up to the European elections EUrVote publishes details offers less than, which can be applied by the media free of charge of charge. Seven concept packages, between some others about EU trade and economic policy as well as about the digital transformation, are by now offered.

In the operate-up to the election the presenting will be expanded to consist of opinion surveys from all EU member states. As shortly as the first vote projections appear, widgets will exhibit all the benefits from the particular person member states and the distribution of seats in the new EU Parliament. This material may well also be integrated by media in their world wide web solutions. The project is supported by the European Parliament.

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