What to do if you have a bad date?


We all go on dates with high hopes and good intentions. You expect the encounter to be fun, exciting, and maybe even a step toward something bigger down the line. But not all dates are created equal, and some don’t meet expectations. Maybe you and the other person just didn’t click. Maybe you were just super nervous and couldn’t relax. Maybe your date dominated the conversation. So what to do if you have a bad date? Athens Escorts Babes help you to survive a bad date with 9 tips.

1. Keep The Expectations To A Minimum

You are aware of the fact that you are going with this person for the very first time, there is absolutely no point having truckloads of expectations from someone you hardly have any idea about. It will be a good idea to keep the expectations to a minimum and make sure that you go there with the idea that you will be open to all the things that are going to take place and not let it affect you adversely.

It is essential to keep in mind the fact that the lesser the expectations that you have, the lesser amount of dissatisfaction you will have, in case things do not turn out good. When you go for the date with least amount of expectations, it is easy to make sure that we can sit through the entire date even when it is not very good. In case we go with a lot of expectations it will become impossible for us to sit through the date when it turns out to be really bad.


2. Relax

Make sure you go there with an open mind and take things easy. What this means is that you do not need to make a big deal out of all the things that are taking place on the date. Please keep in mind the fact that it is all about getting to know new people and making a friend in the initial stage. If you go with an open mind, there are possibilities that you may be able to discover new things that you never really thought could prove to be fun.

When you choose to take it easy, you make sure that you are not letting the dates have too much impact on you. Keep in mind the fact that you will not have to compel anything to happen, all that will have to take place will take place on its own. You will need to keep the fact in mind that if you choose to take things easy, irrespective of the date being good or bad you will manage to get done with it without feeling too bored.

3. Keep The Conversation Alive

What this means is the fact that you do what it takes to talk about all those things that are not too hard for you to understand or topics that are not too boring. In case the date turns out to be really bad. You do not wish to make it worse by talking about things that annoy you or do not interest you at all. This is one of the best tricks to make sure you finish the date and also do not feel completely annoyed while doing so.

4. End It Fast

There are lots of ways to make sure that your date night ends fast. Please keep a few excuses up your sleeve, that you can use when you feel like the date is not really interesting, and it is getting really hard for you to keep going. It will be very good idea to end the date early but not do it abruptly.

There can be excuses such as your home is really far away and you need to get back as it is your mom’s birthday the next day and you need to wish her at twelve. All of these are things that the other person will have to take into consideration, and you will not have to make it obvious that you do not like their company.

5. Think about it in the next morning

Think about the bad date the next morning to see if it was really as hopeless as you remember. Maybe you said something awkward but he didn’t even notice. Maybe he said something offensive he didn’t actually mean. Realize that one bad date should not ruin your relationship and think about second try.

6. You are not on the same wavelength

If you and your date are not on the same wavelength, it might not be working out. Endure the date, maintain your composure and leave politely. Just put the bad date behind you if you are sure there is no point to the relationship going any further. Contact the other person and move on.

7. Don’t punish yourself

Don’t punish yourself for a date that went horrible. Save it somewhere in your mind that is remote and go through it. Learn from your mistakes and don’t forget that the way you’re feeling now is temporary. No matter how awful you feel,one bad date will not ruin your life.

8. Cheer yourself up

Do something to cheer yourself up. Share the details with a friend. This way you can treat it more of a laughingstock than something that will haunt you for life. Restore yourself to your normal state and get occupied with other activities so you can forgive yourself and forget about the bad date. Exercising, eating something sweet or watching a movie will make the bad vibes go away sooner than you expect.

9. Get back in the game

Get back in the game. There’s bound to be someone else you can connect with. Dating isn’t always an exact science and it might take a few tries to find that perfect one! You simply need to keep looking, stay hopeful and positive.

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5 Ways to Boost your Sexual Energy



Boosting our sexual energy is not an easy thing to do. There are some ways to follow but we must start believing to ourselves more and work with our inner world. If you do not have a sex partner start visiting Escorts in Athens.

Start working on the following ways to boost your sexual energy and desire and you will not regret it!

1. Find out The Art of Qigong

Qigong is the art of cultivating your internal energy. If you have not currently discovered some qigong, after that quit what you’re doing as well as go enroll in my free on the internet qigong program, or go discover Lifting The Sky free of cost.

There are sophisticated qigong exercises that are specifically designed for cultivating sexual vitality (even more about those listed below), however you do not require those. Also a straightforward 2 minute daily qigong regimen will certainly aid significantly.

2. Sleep More

In our culture, we claim foolish points like, “I’ll rest when I’m dead.” No, you will not. But you might as a matter of fact die sooner due to the fact that you don’t sleep enough. In the qigong practice, sleep is taken into consideration to be among the significant ways that the body restores and heals itself.

It’s also extremely crucial for hormone regulation. That’s why morning sex can be so powerful. Obtain much more sleep for 30 days in a row, as well as you may find that your sex drive unexpectedly obtains more powerful and healthier.

3. Exercise Your Pelvic Floor

This kind of workout, which involves flexing the pubococcygeus muscular tissue, is usually called “kegels”. But it’s not just for ladies. The ancient Taoists motivated both males and females to exercise this type of workout.

There are several variations, however the easiest method to start is to simply stop the stream while urinating. This is an excellent way to make it a practice. Quit as well as start the stream several times each time you go to the bathroom.

Later, as soon as you’ve mastered it, you can flex the pelvic flooring without urinating. The charm of this workout is that it’s undetectable, so you can practice all of it day long! Do not tense the body or legs while you do this. And also attempt not to hold your breath either. Raise and also hold such as this for 10 secs, and then launch.

For men, it must feel virtually as if you are retracting the testicles up right into the body. For women, it ought to feel (or two I’ve been told) that you are drawing a small egg up right into the vaginal canal as well as towards the cervix.

The ancient Taoists go one action additionally for women. Generally, they discuss doing kegels with resistance. This technique is past the extent of this write-up (and beyond the extent of my experience), yet in other words, it’s entails doing kegels with a jade egg in the vaginal canal.

4. Practice The Small Universe

The Small Universe is an innovative Taoist qigong exercise that I’ve currently talked about detailed. It’s not for newbies. If you mess with this strategy prior to you’re all set, you’ll most likely just obstruct your power a lot more.

But if you currently know the Small Universe, after that it’s an awesome option for cultivating sexual vigour. If you’ve been exercising the Small Universe for more than a couple of months, then you ought to have currently seen some improvement in your sex-related vitality.

Male should experience harder erections, a higher libido, and also greater control over ejaculation. Ladies ought to experience increased dampness, a stronger libido, and also boosted pleasure. At higher levels, when both partners are exercising the Small Universe, sex can come to be a deep, spiritual technique.

5. Practice The Small Wheel

If already you recognize the Small Universe, after that the Small Wheel is simple.

The Small Wheel entails circulating the energy in a circle from dantian, to huiyin, up to mingmen, and after that back to dantian. So as opposed to the bigger circuit that we do in the Small Universe, this circuit is smaller sized.

I seem like I ought to reiterate that this is not for beginners. If you don’t recognize the Small Universe, then you shouldn’t tinker the Small Wheel. Newbies ought to concentrate on less complex and also safer strategies, like Lifting The Sky, and the following workout, Belly Breathing.

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